Have you moisturized your spirit today? 

Welcome to The Extra Gravy Report, a weekly serving of joy-flavored stories, recipes, activities, and tools to help you thrive in the War on Spiritual Ashiness. Brought to you by Sir Alexander Hardy, grits-powered writer and breakfast advocate. #noashyspirits
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None of us can thrive in the War on Spiritual Ashiness alone.

Not even Saint Damita Jo Jackson, First of Her Name. (gasp)

What's 'pon the horizon:

Get updates on joy-flavored events

Mental Health First Aid trainings, Community Cookalongs, "Literary Therapy" writing sessions, etc.

Recipes & resources to brighten your day

Because you deserve the best (no matter how you eat your grits).

Tools for the War on Spiritual Ashiness

Mindfulness and grounding strategies, essays, prompts for creative and emotional exploration, insightful interviews, reminders to breathe.
Could your team or community benefit from joy-flavored wellness programming and resource development work one or more of these? 
  • Literary Therapy writing sessions
  • Mental Health First Aid trainings 
  • Casual wellness check-ins & mindfulness moments
  • Peer support group development 
  • Leadership-focused sessions on cultivating joy
  • Workplace/Community Wellness Assessments
  • Custom therapist & wellness resource directories
  • or something else? 

Are you down to sponsor a free training for the public? Send me a message here.