None of us can survive the War on Spiritual Ashiness alone.

Not even Saint Damita Jo Jackson, First of Her Name. (gasp)

Moisturize your spirit with The Extra Gravy Report.

A serving of joy-flavored stories, recipes, and tools to help you thrive in the War on Spiritual Ashiness.

Join Literary Therapy: Joy, Grief, Pleasure, and Growth

During Literary Therapy: Joy, Grief, Pleasure, and Growth, we’ll use mindfulness, creative writing, and personal exploration activities, and group discussion in a safe + supportive community to center joy, foster connection, and inspire introspection.

Sunday August 22, 29 + September 12 + 19 @ 3pm EST

How have you been moisturizing your spirit?

Let us know in our Spiritual Ashiness Community Survey.

Have you moisturized your spirit today?

The War on Spiritual Ashiness, hosted by grits-powered writer, food lover, and wellness warrior Alexander Hardy, explores mental health and what it takes to survive, thrive, & find joy. Coming to Janet Jackson’s Internet Spring 2021.

Tales from the War on Spiritual Ashiness

My writings on joy, wellness, food, lupus, suicide, and such.

My home on Janet Jackson’s Internet:

My writerly portfolio, media moments, and wellness work reside here.

Support your team or community with joy-flavored virtual wellness programming.

An overview of community wellness programming and resource development collaboration scenarios.

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“If you wanna be somebody, if you wanna go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention.” (sister mary clarence)

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